Zhym, Recorder of Truths House Acedia


It would be difficult to imagine a more petty and supercilious person than you would find in Zhym, the Recorder of Truths. The faithful flock to hear the words of the Acedian Friars and lay-preachers, but they have little love for those who are sent throughout their number to collect the tithes that are due to the crusade. Zhym draws in revenue like no other, for his penny-pinching attention to detail and the obscure covenants of the church mean that his collection chest is always overflowing with sovereigns.

Zhym’s skills are not merely limited to irritating the faithful however, as he is also a wizard of great skill. Kanekos flows through him powerfully, though not in the way experienced by most Acedians with the second sight. Zhym cannot convince others to love him, nor to heed his words through respect, but he is gifted with the ability to be so irritating that his opponents find their very thoughts clouded and their actions impeded by his maddening presence.

This ability is so powerful that even his allies find themselves affected. As you would imagine, despite the great tactical benefits this gives Acedia, Zhym is loathed even within their own ranks. Friar Sarpeth longs for the day he can throttle the life from his apprentice, but for now he enjoys seeing his enemies confounded just that little more than he would enjoy killing Zhym. Nevertheless, Zhym is living on borrowed time…

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