Xiu BaoHouse Qing


The masters and acolytes of House Qing are not Wizards in the true sense, each gaining their power through the bargain with the evil spirit known as Lord Qing. The first ‘Wizard’ to be released from House Qing: Lady Xiu Bao – the Emissary of the Jade Lord, was one of the first to make that fateful choice.

Xiu Bao’s magic seems outlandish to the Wizards of the other great Houses, but it is no less potent. She wields formidable powers of domination – the ability to compel the actions of others. Wizards are horrified that they are not immune to her powers. The other Houses have therefore made it a priority to attempt to capture the Lady and draw out the knowledge from her by any means necessary.

Sculpt by Andrea Tarabella
Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Appropriate bases included.


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