Will O’ the WoodsHouse Feylyn


Will O’ the Woods is a quiet and solitary person who has made his home in the vast and dark expanses of the Glimmerwood. To those who meet him with fair intent on forest paths, or who patronise the taverns which border his homestead, he is a charming enough fellow with many a tale to tell. But those who cross him, or mean him or his beloved forest harm, find a very different man: cold, wrathful, and with the gleam of murder in his eyes. He is wide and strong, capable in his own right as a brawler, but when you consider his skill with the Root of Balance, he becomes very dangerous indeed.

For many years, Will and Mother Yulia have co-existed in the Glimmerwood, for it is large enough to ensure the two rarely meet. Both are as stubborn as mules and as friendly as mountain lions so it has been an uneasy existence. By recent command, Mother Yulia has reluctantly taken Will as an Acolyte, he being the only one who would enable her to stay in her beloved home.

There is little love to be lost between them, their only common ground being their shared kinship with the forest which surrounds them.
Will has always been able to commune with the spirits of the Glimmerwood. By playing a tune on his wooden flute, he is able to rouse them to give aid or to cause harm to those who threaten the sanctity of the forest. The wood will come alive and assail his foes, dragging them back into the darkness where their blood can nourish the roots of the trees.

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