Taleshar the PledgebreakerFreelancer


Taleshar was once a sentinel in the elite Steelsworn force sent to scour the World for signs of their great enemy: the Mudali. He traveled far and wide, avoiding contract where possible, for the Steelsworn do not often wish to interfere in the affairs of lesser races. Chance saw him following up on reports of an unearthed Mudali city in Far Khethelia, and it was there that he encountered a ragged man, covered from head to toe in bizarre tattoos.

Taleshar was in no mood to speak with the strange little man, for his mind was filled with the prospect of discovering his hated foe at last. His zeal for the Consumed God was white hot within him, and the chance to repay those that murdered his deity ignited extreme passions within his chest. The words of Suleiman are not easily ignored however, and the anger in Taleshar’s heart was corrupted by the evil of the Diabolist.

Where he was once fanatical about the Allfather, this devotion has now been given over to worship of the Great Wyrm of the Dark. Exposure to the wider world has awoken emotions in him that can only find answer in the joy of bloodletting, something Suleiman and his masters are only too eager to exploit.

Taleshar now sells his services as a freelancer in Mellorian. He hides the worst of the corruption that has begun to change his body – a violent reaction to the darkness that has taken over his soul, behind his now tattered sentinel’s cloak. Due to the great need for someone of his impressive skillset, there are always Wizards that will turn a blind eye to the obvious danger he presents.

They do not for a moment consider his true goal: to leave behind the hated physical form that was given to him by a long dead God, and to take up a new form more pleasing to his new master. Only in the moment of his transformation will they realise the magnitude of their mistake…

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