The Diabolists are a disparate and secretive group, all walks of life and all classes of people are represented in their unhallowed ranks. Lords and ladies, middling merchants, and even menial servants can be found at ritualistic bloodlettings. All share one common thought: that they alone may be raised up in their service to the Wyrm, and each person is therefore willing to commit acts of wanton destruction in order to gain this boon. The shedding of blood and the taking of life is nothing to them, for they are the truly damned.

One such benighted soul is the first Wizard to be release from the Diabolists faction: Suleiman, the Thrice-Cursed. Suleiman is perhaps the most infamous Diabolist in the whole of Mellorian, for in truth they usually take great care to avoid detection. Not so this insane disciple of the Wyrm – Suleiman revels in the terror his name and works inspire in the populace.

Sculpted by Laslo Forgach
Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Appropriate bases included.

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