Qara the ProdigyHouse Travium


The mastery of Vaettim has long since been lost to the race of men, and no significant practitioner of note has existed since the first and the greatest: Kahlim, first of Mages.
Though over the millennia there have been some few humans born with the ability to call upon its awesome power, a number of factors have prevented their rise and domination of Mellorian. Firstly, none have been born with the strength to wield it without being immolated from within. Those that have had the talent and survived have only possessed the merest of sparks. This means that a talented Wizard of a single Root is still able to vanquish them.

Secondly, and most importantly, due to the excessive danger of one of these Wizards destroying a swathe of land and the population through loss of control, the Council of the Great Houses has long since decreed that any Wizards wielding Vaettim must be put to death. All Houses are responsible for enforcing this law and have been effective at rooting out those suspected to possess the forbidden talent.

The current Primus of Travium, Balavan Cek, has covertly broken this law and has hidden away a Wizard of unimaginable power. This fact is known only to the greatest masters of Travium, and is concealed under pain of death. Cek is gifted with limited foresight and has convinced his allies that this Wizard, known only by her given name of Qara, is the answer to the great quest of Travium. He claims that it will be Qara who unlocks the doorway between worlds. Cek has assigned her under the tutelage of his most loyal and powerful servant: Amara the Unfettered. Amara has taken great pains to train Qara to conceal her true might, though on a number of occasions the truth has almost escaped due to the bizarre and awe inspiring abilities that Qara can manifest.

The hopes of Travium, and of the world entire, now rest upon the narrow shoulders of a ten year old child. Though her loyalty to Balavan Cek is absolute, Amara watches this young Acolyte in her studies and secretly wonders if this great danger Travium is hiding will be the saviour of Mellorian or its undoing…

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