Niola Malone, the MagpieFreelancer


A hefty reward has been offered for the capture of Niola Malone by Prince Avantis of Metohs. Freelance Hunters far and wide seek her out to claim their weight in Sovereigns.

It is reported that she alone stole into his heavily fortified Palace and stole the golden chain of office that marks control of the city, and without it his rivals have been granted a gift in their attempts to dethrone the deeply unpopular Prince. Until it is found his position remains tenuous and so no expense has been spared to secure her capture. Little does he know she stole it and dropped it into his night-soil toilet. It now lies buried in the fields beyond his city, awaiting the lucky peasant that claims it at harvest time.

Niola can be hired by a Wizard willing to take the time to track her down, though she is always aware of their efforts in advance of being ‘found’. If the money and the cause is right, she will make alliances with any character, regardless of their history… though with some notable Princely exceptions!


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