Mirella, Honour’s ShieldHouse Durant


There are those born to greatness, those that find it in the grip of circumstance, and a rare few can inspire others around them to attain it. Mirella, Honour’s Shield, is one such individual. She has served House Durant with steadfast devotion ever since making the long walk up to the Chapterhouse on Tolven’s Roost.

Under her watchful eye, the soldiers of Durant are drilled in martial matters to her own exacting standard. She asks for nothing that she is not willing to give herself and will brook nothing less than the best from her charges. In battle, she is always to be found in the thick of the action, directing the flow of combat and leading the line through tireless example. For the men and women of Durant, her gleaming shield shines as a beacon of total commitment to their cause and it redoubles their efforts.

Luther Draxos has taken it upon himself to train Mirella in the arts of magic and she is no less adept as a student than as a teacher. Though the second sight has developed late in her training, she is determined to add her burgeoning skills to House Durant’s arsenal. She has never failed at anything before in her life, and it would be a foolish person indeed that would believe anything other than greater glory to be found in her future.

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