Luther DraxosHouse Durant


It was Luther Draxos who single-handedly defeated the Demon Ornias and broke the back of the Diabolist insurrection in G’Barr. Alas, the corruption of the dark one’s touch claimed the flesh of his right arm, and a great deal of the Durant Master’s power.

Many Wizards would have been felled by such tragedy, but the will of Luthor Draxos could not be quelled. In recognition of his mighty service to mankind, he was gifted a new arm of pure energy by the Masters of House Travium. Taking up his Warhammer once more, Luther has taken command of the Fortress of Tpvar, where he trains the Durant orders in warfare and tactics. Though his power is now unquestionably lessened, his skill with defensive magic remains undiminished, and it is his strength alone that shields the brave soldiers of Durant from the terrors of the northern wilds.

Sculpt by Andrea Tarabella
Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Appropriate bases included.

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