Lord Heston Graf, the Red HandDiabolists


In every generation, there are always those born without the slightest shred of compassion or mercy towards others. Those that are lowborn are found out soon enough, as their inability to integrate with society is writ plain upon their actions. For a highborn, however, the danger to Mellorian is so much greater.

They are trained to conceal their feelings and actions from an early age, to fit in and to present the appearance of a person that can be utterly at odds with their true selves. This is how Heston Graf hides the monster that lies just behind his masque of civility. As a child, he found enjoyment only in cruelty. As an adult that is still just as true as it ever was but he has long since moved on from strangling small animals. Serving maids, tavern wenches, and the daughters of middling nobles are wont to disappear when Heston is nearby. Few are found again, and those that are discovered are found in a state not fit for retelling here.

It was only natural for a person of his proclivities to gravitate towards the evil of the Diabolists. His sharp intellect and an addiction to risk have caused him to strike a bargain with a powerful demon, one that grants him good fortune in return for the shedding of blood and the taking of life. The price of the bargain was shocking; Heston paid for the deal with the soul of his own mother. She now serves the darkness mindlessly at his side, shorn of her free will and little more than a dangerous puppet to be used to further his schemes…

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