Hephescus ZanttHouse Myrke


Because they are shunned by Mellorian society, most Wizards of House Myrke travel under a heavy, hooded cloak, seeking to intensify the disquiet they inspire in people.

The first Wizard to be released from House Myrke, Hephescus Zantt – the Seeker of Sins, does not share this view. He believes that recognition of an approaching fear inspires the greater terror. Zantt has laboured to make sure that his gaunt visage is well known, never hiding his involvement in the grisly work of House Myrke and thus ensuring that his arrival is met by a wave of panicked hysteria.

Those of his quarry that resist his sorcery for long will invariably suffer madness from the illusions he subjects them to; often being left alive as a chilling warning to others that judgement is at hand.

Sculpt by Laslo Forgach
Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Appropriate bases included.

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