Friar SarpethHouse Acedia


In House Acedia, things are rarely as they seem. Friar Sarpeth is a giant of a man, yet is renowned through the World for gentleness and humility rather than strength. The people flock to his sermons and hang upon his every word, giving him far more credence than their supposed masters.

Yet this is little more than a carefully cultivated act. Sarpeth is a powerful Wizard and all those that look upon him are affected by his magic. Where they see a gentle soul, a cruel tyrant hides behind his fair-seeming guise. Sarpeth calls people to him with promises of a better world; yet he wants nothing more than to bring the oblivion of death to all of them. He judges that only the strong shall survive the day of reaping, and when he wields his flanged mace, buttressed by the magic of Kanekos, Root of Suggestion, who can lay claim to be stronger than Friar Sarpeth of Acedia?

Sculpt by Andrea Tarabella
Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Appropriate bases included.

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