Deidra, Maiden of SorrowsHouse Myrke


There are some events that occur in life that no matter how much we try, we cannot leave behind. For a thankfully rare few this crystalises into an obsession that comes to dominate all aspects of life, causing them to lose everything. So it is with Deidra, known in sadness as the Maiden of Sorrows. What happened to Deidra is a mystery, the details of which are perhaps captured in the small leather-bound tome she clutches so tightly to her chest. For whatever reasons, Deidra is broken, and in no state that suggests she will ever be mended.

When this happens to a mundane person, it is sad enough, but when it happens to someone with the second sight, it becomes a far more serious matter. The Root of Fear flows through her like a raging river – uncontrolled and irrepressible. Those who tarry long in her presence find their thoughts turning inexorably to melancholia and from there onto misery of the deepest and most inescapable kind.

It is so pervasive that even House Myrke Wizards are not immune to her powers. This makes her a danger and a prize both; one that only the most single minded of the House will dare to utilise. Hephescus Zantt has taken Deidra under his supervision, for he alone has the strength of will to resist her aura of sadness. Zantt has made great use of her power, though in truth he has had little success breaking through to her, and so he must content himself with directing her towards those he believes to be guilty, to better extract a confession. While his powers are like the surgeon’s scalpel, Deidra’s are akin to a relentless hammer-blow. Between them, no dark secret may stay hidden for long…

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