Bess Rohe, the FountainheadOrder of Malleoch


An Agent of the Order of Malleoch for over fifteen years, Bess Rohe has been blessed with an unusual magical talent – she can summon up a flood of celestial magic to aid her foes and confuse her enemies. Bess describes the feeling as drawing these gifts from down a deep well, and for this she has earned the epithet “the Fountainhead” for she is the source of many wonderful things.

As the owner of the Black Lion Inn, a famous watering hole on the outskirts of Pann, Bess is well placed to learn of the many discoveries from the ruins of Lem-Hloc and, more importantly, to discern the many House intrigues that such discoveries will attract. She is one of the principal spymasters of the Order and has provided useful intelligence on the transgressions of the Great Houses on many occasions.

Whilst powerful, Bess’s magical skills are somewhat limited. Despite this, her work has earned her an assignment to Otremia Rathe, the greatest hunter in the Order. After the recent failed attempt to capture the arch-criminal Suleiman, it was decided that Rathe required some wisdom to temper her fury. Bess is to provide that balance, whilst learning to work magic in a more practical and useful way.

Bess can summon up many boons to her allies, such as healing energy or the ability to tip the scales of fortune in their favour. She can also call the powers of befuddlement upon those who stand against the work of the Order. When combined with the awesome might of Otremia, it is a combination that is certain to be the doom of Diabolists everywhere…

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