AmaraHouse Travium


Amara was sold into slavery before she could even walk. Ghyr, the Root of Power, had blessed Amara with great strength, and this was eagerly exploited by her owners without them ever realising the source of her abilities. Amara performed the tasks of three male slaves, double her age, yet for the greed of her masters even this was not enough.

When a cruel overseer tried to take one liberty too far, a wave of rage exploded from within her; the innate magic released broke the chains of her fellow slaves and she led them in a bloody revolt, eventually escaping to the South and into the waiting arms of House Travium. Many years later, Amara has developed her formidable powers to the point where she will attempt to break all chains, everywhere. She will not abide the stain of slavery in Mellorian any longer.

Sculpt by Laslo Forgach.
Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Appropriate bases included.

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