The Six Great Houses of Magic

The fabled World Tree of Mellorian is the source of magical energy within the continent. It is said that this power emanates from the breath of the Sleeping Gods, in the far-away realm of the High Heavens. The Gods have reposed throughout long eons whilst they heal grievous wounds from their battle with Khalim, the First Mage. The raw energy of magic is carried down the ‘trunk’ of the World Tree and invested into the land of Mellorian via its pervasive roots. Human Wizards cannot manipulate the raw power without being incinerated from the inside out, so they tap into the weaker version offered by the roots.

Each Root of Magic is a different hue of sorcery, and Mellorian culture has still not identified them all. For the most common, or easily understood, a Great House of Magic has been formed over the last centuries dedicated to research and understanding. Like minded Wizards join these organisations, and over the years an intense rivalry has blossomed between them. Each are certain that their form, or Root, of Magic is the most significant. While there are Many minor Houses of Magic there are, at present, only six Great Houses: