The Darkness and the Light: Other Factions

Mellorian is a vast continent, but it is not the only land of significance in the World. There are many powers in far flung places that have demonstrated an unhealthy interest in Mellorian and its people. Some powers have been present for many hundreds of years and are working in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike, while others make themselves terrifyingly evident.

The power of the Great Houses has no check within the borders of Mellorian, but increasingly is coming under threat from outside. The Diabolists are merely the most evident of these threats. The cult has its roots in Khethelia, an important trading partner and one with enough clout to make even the Council of Wizards take care not to incur their wrath. Though the agents of the Diabolists have their own aims and methods, they seek to destabilise Mellorian society and thus make it easier for Khethelia to eventually invade. The World Tree is a source of power that Khethelia cannot allow to exist for much longer, for they alone in the empires of men wish to enjoy the benefits of Wizardry. That a smaller rival now has this power has angered them greatly.

In order to combat this insidious danger, the Houses created the Order of Malleoch – an independent society of Wizards and Hunters tasked with combatting the Diabolist threat. This organisation sits outside of the purview of the Council so that no House will gain mastery over it, and at the same time any agitation the Order causes to Khethelia cannot be easily blamed on the Houses.

A war between the forces of darkness and those of the light has been fought in the shadows for over one hundred years, but now the actions of the Diabolists have brought the fight into the open. Will the Order of Malleoch succeed in eradicating the Diabolist threat, or will darkness gain primacy in the land? All the while Khethelia watches from afar, waiting for the moment to rid itself of a dangerous adversary…