The Roots of Magic – Game

The Roots of Magic is a fantasy skirmish game of magical combat. Players are in control of a Wizard involved in a Duel of Magic with a rival, seeking to show that their style of sorcery – their Great House of Magic, is superior to all others.

This one on one Duel of skill, wits, and luck provides a game that can be played within forty minutes, allowing for quick rematches and many more opportunities to play within the limited time we have for gaming!

Grand Arcanum Games has made the decision to launch the quick-play Duel level variant of the game with a mind to releasing the Company Level version (5-8 models) at a later date. The rules of the Roots of Magic will be exactly the same across all variants, so players will have everything they need to understand and participate fully in all versions.

Grand Arcanum Games is keen to build a strong, cohesive community for the Roots of Magic and have made the basic rules, representations of the models, and game cards for the models available as free downloads. You can obtain them via the homepage or the downloads section of this site. We will be revealing details of our organised play in the next weeks and months so please stay tuned!

Select your Wizard, marshal your power, and bring glory to your Great House of Magic!